Black Steel 2 Pawl Chain Handcuffs (Blue - Security)

Black Steel 2 Pawl Chain Handcuffs (Blue - Security)

Black Steel 2 Pawl Chain Handcuffs (Blue - Security)

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The Black Steel 2 Pawl Chain Handcuffs (Blue - Security) are flexible and more easily applied during confrontations. Its forged aluminum bows are black hardcoat anodized. Its replaceable lock sets are also available into two, three, and slip pawl designs.

Cuff Style: Chain.

Material: Stainless Steel, Polymer.

Key Style: Universal.

Color: Black.


* Precision formed stainless steel frame

* Polymer overmold

* High contact face, no sharp edges

* Permanent color options, extremely lightweight

* Interchangeable Lock Set

* Recessed keyway two-sided double lock

* Double lock indicator (colored)

* Two-sided lock release

* One-direction single and double lock release


* Computer designed

* Flex Frame Technology

* Surgical stainless steel

* Precision die struck

* Reinforcing ribs

* Bow guides

* Interlocking cheek plates

* Unitized assembly

* Polymer overmold

* Beveled keyways

* Permanent Color

Chain Link

* Stainless steel chain

* Free rotating swivel

* Reinforcing swivel collar

Lock Set

* Replaceable

* Dual keyways

* Stainless security block

* Stainless security block

* Stainless security posts

* Dual double lock slots

* Color coded double lock indicator

* Dual release lock bar (pawl)

* Two pawl (Blue*)

* Single spring double lock bar

* Hardened keyways *Requires a Custom Key


* Conical geometry

* Integral frame track

* Deep set teeth

* High contact face

* Serial numbered

* Stainless pivot pin


* Limited Lifetime