ASP Agent Concealable Baton A30 A40 A50

ASP Agent Concealable Baton A30 A40 A50

ASP Agent Concealable Baton A30 A40 A50

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Product Details

The ASP Agent concealable Baton is the compact version of the Talon push button baton. They are compact and concealable and the push button close feature allows for more discreet operation.

Because of the Agent batons concealable nature you can discreetly carry this baton inside your waistband or carry it on your belt. You can expand the the Agent with a flick of your wrist or simpy pull it out by hand. And closing is easily done by pressing in the button on the handle and applying pressure on the tip.

The Agent Concealable baton has a 4140 steel striking surface. The middle shaft and handle are of 7075 T6 aluminum. The Crosstec knurled grip with spiral micro grooves is precision machined into the Aluminum handle.

The Nexus carry Clips are removable.They can easily be repositioned along the length of the handle to adapt to your carry preference.

The Crosstec Knurling on the grip is machined into the handle and makes for a secure grip without the abrasions that may be caused by traditional knurling. The Agent incorporates a 4140 steel end striking surface and the 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft handle.

The Agent Airweight is available in 40 or 50 cm lengths.

30cm is 11.8" when expanded and 6.3" when retracted and weights only 6.4 oz

40cm is 16" when expanded and 7 5/8" retracted with diameter of 5/8" and weighs only 8 oz

50cm is 20" when expanded and 8 1/4" retracted with a diameter of 1" and weighs only 8.5 oz