ASP Red Guns Firearm Simulators

ASP Red Guns Firearm Simulators

ASP Red Guns Firearm Simulators

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Product Description

The ASP Red Guns Firearm Simulators is a rubber lightweight training replica that comes in precision details and realistic features, making it a very good item for weapons retention and holster security drills. The red polymer and the manner in which this red gun is reinforced allows it to withstand the daily abuses of the training environment. The precision fit allows it to be used with duty holsters. It is available in Non Weighted or Weighted design. Weighted is the exact weight of a loaded duty firearm.

Product Features

* Same Size, Looks and Feel of Real Equipment

* Fits snugly in Duty Gear

* Red Color mitigates mistaken identity with real weapons or gear

* Made with Urethane for Law Enforcement and Military Training