ASP Red Training Gun -Government M16

ASP Red Training Gun -Government M16

ASP Red Training Gun -Government M16

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Product Description

The ASP Training Gun -Government M16 is a detailed training gun that fits regular duty, and CC holsters, weapon storage systems, and custom-fitted carry cases. It has the same precise details of the real product, from dimensions, feel, control placement, to handling. Yet this lightweight training is easily distinguished as a “safe” item in training grounds. They are extremely rugged and corrosion resistant, with a forgiving surface that can easily take dropping and all the rough handling that goes along with disarming and CQ combat drills. It has no sharp edges to catch on clothing, holsters, or gear.

Product Features

* Same Size, Looks and Feel of Real Equipment

* Fits snugly in Duty Gear

* Red Color mitigates mistaken identity with real weapons or gear

* Made with Urethane for Law Enforcement and Military Training

* Red Radios and Flashlights are valuable additions to sudden assault training on the firing line.

* The flexible Red Knife allows officers to rehearse responses to edged weapon attacks.

* Government Flat Top Carbine is available with or without sliding stock.