ASP Red Training Gun - S&W Sigma

ASP Red Training Gun - S&W Sigma

ASP Red Training Gun - S&W Sigma

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Product Details

Product Description

The ASP Training Gun - S&W Sigma is a realistic, lightweight replica of actual law enforcement equipment. It's are ideal for weapon retention, disarming, room clearance and sudden assault training. The Red Gun Series is ideal for all types of scenario training. The precision fit allows their use with duty holsters. It is from a patended solid silicone / epoxy resin.The Red Gun Series can also be specially produced to the exact weight of a loaded duty firearm.

Product Features

* Same Size, Looks and Feel of Real Equipment

* Fits snugly in Duty Gear

* Red Color mitigates mistaken identity with real weapons or gear

* Made with Urethane for Law Enforcement and Military Training