ASP Red Training Gun - Walther P99

ASP Red Training Gun - Walther P99

ASP Red Training Gun - Walther P99

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Product Details

Product Description

This ASP Training Gun - Walther P99 is modelled on a Walther P99 and is coloured red indicating it is used for training purposes. Crafted from a patented silicone/epoxy resin this red gun is built to last and extremely durable. It weighs and is the same size as the real thing. Extremely rugged and corrosion resistant, with a forgiving surface that can easily take dropping and all the rough handling that goes along with disarming and close quarter combat drills.

Product Features

* Same Size, Looks and Feel of Real Equipment

* Fits snugly in Duty Gear

* Lightweight construction

* Realistic X26 replica

* Distinctive red training color

* Reinforced construction

* Made with Urethane for Law Enforcement and Military Training