ASP Sidebreak Baton Scabbards

ASP Sidebreak Baton Scabbards

ASP Sidebreak Baton Scabbards

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Fits the Friction Loc batons only. You need the Envoy Scabbard for the Talon Batons.

The ASP SideBreak Scabbard is the most common ASP baton holder for law enforcement personnel. The Sidebreak will rotate to 12 distinct positions or be locked in place on your duty belt. It is called the Sidebreak because you may holster your baton in the expanded position and push it (break) out the side of the scabbard. This eliminates the need to draw it out like a sword and the risk of it hanging up on the way out.

The ASP Sidebreak holder allows for rapid presentation and securely retains the baton during active duty and intense confrontations. It has a retaining bar that can be adjusted for easier draw or stronger retention. The bottom of the scabbard has 4 plates which flex open to allow the carry of an expanded baton.

Available in 4 patterns of Black, Basketweave, Ballistic or ASPtec

52232 16" Black Pattern
52432 21" Black Pattern
52632 26" Black Pattern
52235 16" Ballistic Pattern
52435 21" Ballistic Pattern
52635 26" Ballistic Pattern
52233 16" Basketweave Pattern
52433 21" Basketweave Pattern
22633 26" Basketweave Pattern
52234 16" ASPTec Pattern
52434 21" ASPTec Pattern
52634 26" ASPTec Pattern