POP-UP Portable Blind

POP-UP Portable Blind

POP-UP Portable Blind

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Product Information

•Weather Protection Over Lookouts
•Back Lookout
•Adjustable Sling Seat
•Steel Aircraft Cable Suspension
•Tear Resistant Nylon Floor
•Reinforced Corners
•Cordura Nylon Cover
•Square-Tubular Steel Frame
•Snap Back Top Makes You Totally Invisible
•Camouflage Nylon Mesh Lookout
•Actual Weight: 22 lbs

The POP-UP Portable Blind is versatile for hunting Dove, Turkey, Deer, Waterfowl, and Varmits. It can also be used for photography and ice fishing. The POP-UP has a complete floor, allowing you to hunt in marshy areas, helping to hold your scent in, and preventing updrafts. Weighing only 22 pounds, it folds in seconds, allowing you to go where the game is. A foot release allows you to snap the top back in a split second with both hands on your gun, or a second setting lets you shoot from the blind and provides a gun rest.

The Pop-Up Portable is a 30x47x48-inch, self-contained, one-man blind that can be set up in less than half minute. The top, powered by bungi cords and activated by a foot release, snaps back instantly to provide an unobstructed 360-degree shooting swing. The Pop-Up Portable collapses into a 30x36x4-inch carrying size, weighing 22 pounds, in seconds for quick and easy transport.