Fire Retardant for Ghillie Suits

Fire Retardant for Ghillie Suits

Fire Retardant for Ghillie Suits

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FRP-103 Dry fire-retardant
For fabrics, natural & synthetic fibers. Colorless, odorless when dry. Will retard or slow down flame spread on many items but will not prevent charring.

Directions for use - Mix with water to dilute. Spray evenly on entire surface to be treated. One pound, (1) will treat 7 lbs. Of material, or fabric, or 12.5% dry pick up of flame retardant on weight of fabric. You must dilute it enough to pass through the spray bottle nozzle and make sure you use all of it on the suit. FRP-103 DRY, Flame retardant must be reapplied after washing.
1 lb. bag