BDU Ghillie Pants

BDU Ghillie Pants

BDU Ghillie Pants

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The BDU Ghillie Pants are made in the USA. This heavy duty Ghillie is built on BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) Pants and tough enough to last through a military training course. These BDU Pants use the original Jute thread which makes it almost twice as heavy as our Ultra-Light version.

The BDU Pants are pre-treated with Class "A" chemical fire retardant and if you do wash to them the fire retardant must be reapplied.

This Jute BDU Pant has a 3 layer construction design:

The Base Layer is a Military BDU which comes in 6 different pattern choices. These are made by Atlanco.

The 2nd layer is our 1″ x 1″nylon netting. This is sewn directly to the back of the Military BDU pants with Industrial strength sewing machines.

The 3rd layer is where the Traditional Jute comes in. It is hand tied directly to the netting and covers the back of the Pants and also the attached hood.

The BDU Pants are pre-treated with Class "A" chemical fire retardant and if you do wash to the suit the fire retardant must be reapplied.

BDU Pants

Our high quality Jute Thread is tied directly on to 1" by 1" netting which is fastened onto Military BDU pants. These are made by "ATLANCO". The front pockets on the Pants will still be accessible because we attach the Jute just below these pockets. The weight of the BDU Pants is 3.5 lbs.

• Urethane Coating for water repellency
• This suit is pre-treated with a Class "A" fire-retardant

On the BDU Jacket the length on the small is 29" from the bottom of the collar down, 32" on the Regular and 35" on the Long.

Care Instructions: If the suit needs cleaning just hand wash and hang it out to dry. On the Jute suits you will need to reapply fire retardant after washing.

NOTE; Because this is a custom suit all returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.