Custom Ghillie Suit Kit

Custom Ghillie Suit Kit

Custom Ghillie Suit Kit

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This complete Custom Ghillie Suit kit comes with everything you need to build the Ghillie Poncho! You can also build the Stalker suit by removing the front portion .

You get to choose the 7 bundles of pre-cut, dyed Jute String. Also included are a 5'x9' nylon net with 1"x1" squares and color directions on how to assemble an exact replica of the Ghillie Poncho.

Offered in the same colors as we do our pre-made suits. When finished building this kit into the Poncho, the suit will have full sleeves for arms and an attached hood. The kits take about 7 hours to complete.

The Custom Ghillie Kit includes the following

  • One 5' x 9' nylon netting
  • Choose 7 bundles of Jute thread. (7 lbs. total)
  • Complete directions on how to assemble the kit into a Camouflage Ghillie Poncho.