Tracker Ghillie Suit Kit

Tracker Ghillie Suit Kit

Tracker Ghillie Suit Kit

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This is our Tracker Ghillie Suit Kit that comes with 5 bundles of our Jute string. It comes with everything you need to build the Tracker Poncho! The Tracker covers you from head to waist and has sleves for your arms.

The Tracker Ghillie Kit includes the following

• One 5' x 4' nylon netting with 1"x1" squares
• 5 bundles of Synthetic thread. You choose the colors (5 lbs. total)
• Complete directions on how to assemble the kit into an Tracker Poncho.
• One (1 lb.) bag of a Dry fire-retardant

Offered in the same colors as we do our pre-made suits. When finished building this kit into the Tracker Poncho, the suit will have full sleeves for arms and an attached hood. The kits take about 5 hours to complete.