Gunvault Multivault Standard Safe

Gunvault Multivault Standard Safe

Gunvault Multivault Standard Safe

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Product Details

The Gunvault MultiVault Standard Safe is an upgrade in size from the MiniVault and features a removeable middle shelf for increased storage options.

The MultiVault Standard will give you optimal security, accessibility and peace of mind when it comes to the storage of your handgun. It can be secured under your bed or in your vehicle for portable accessibility and security.


• Removable Shelf

• Outside is constructed of solid 16-gauge steel

• Soft foam lines the inside and protects valuables

• High-Strength lock mechanism for Durable performance

• Precise fittings make it almost impossible to pry open with hand tools

• Tamper indicator lets you know of any unauthorized access attempts

• Audio feedback confirms correct keypad entry (Can be disabled for more discreet operations)

Gunvault Features Comparison MultiVault Standard MultiVault Biometric MultiVault Deluxe
Gauge of Steel Used 16 Guage 16 Guage 16 Guage

Exterior Dimensions
HxWxD (inc. keypad and lock) Height tapers from 5" to 3.4" tapering to 6.3"

8" x 10" x 14" 8" x 10" x 14" 8" x 10" x 14"
Interior Dimensions 6" x 9" x 12" 6" x 9" x 12" 6" x 9" x 12"
Weight Of Safe 9 9 9
How Many Unique Fingerprints Will it Remember? Biometric Feature N/A 15 N/A
How Many User-Selectable Access Codes are available? Over 12 Million N/A Over 12 Million
Is it Mountable? Yes Yes Yes
Interior Protective Foam Liner? Yes Yes Yes
Does It Have A Spring Loaded Door? Yes Yes Yes
Does it Have a Audio Low Battery Warning Indicator? Yes Yes Yes
Does it Have a LED Low Battery Warning Indicator? Yes Yes Yes
Includes Interior Courtesy Light? No Yes Yes
Has Motion Detector With Audio Alarm? No No Yes
Features Tamper Indicator? Yes Yes Yes
Does The Computer Block Access After
Repeated Invalid Entries?
Yes No Yes
Include Security Cable? No No No
Includes Backup Override Key? Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Security Cable? Yes Yes Yes
Feature External AC Power Supply? No Yes Yes
What Battery Type and Quantity is Required? 9v - 1 9v - 1 9v - 1
Are Batteries Included? No No No
Is the Gunvault California DOJ Approved? Yes Yes Yes