Monadnock PR-24 Control Baton, Black Polycarbonate Shaft

Monadnock PR-24 Control Baton, Black Polycarbonate Shaft

Monadnock PR-24 Control Baton, Black Polycarbonate Shaft

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Product Details

This Monadnock PR-24 Control Baton is combat ready with the flick of your wrist. It has the black polycarbonate shaft that extends out to 24" and has a width of 1¼"

The PR-24 side handle batons offer maximum protection and the professional advantage. This design is the most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking. They are engineered For Officer Safety, Comfortable to carry and easily opened with a flick of the wrist. Morse tapers along with the the tight locking joints make the baton feel solid in your hand. The distinct sound of the baton expanding sends a signal to the suspect that you are armed and ready.

You can also pull the shaft out with your finger for more discreet presentation.

• Designed especially for close-quarter confrontations.
• Provides the greatest protection when effective blocking techniques are used.
• Protects the firearm hand.
• Has a distinct psychological advantage – subjects will think twice about
resisting when they see the baton open.

Baton Retention is Critical
Maximize baton retention with the Short Handle baton with Molded Trumbull Stop.
This innovative device offers a number of benefits:
• Reduces unnecessary injuries.
• Keeps the baton away from violent subjects.
• Enhances the baton’s performance during striking and restraint techniques.

You also get the following features:
• Provides a firm grip for maximum performance during training or in the field.
• Closes easily by pushing the button to push the shaft back into the handle.
• Won’t roll if dropped, making it easy to retrieve.
• Pull the shaft out passively for a low profile draw.
Performance Plus Protect ion
A Monadnock baton is engineered to last a lifetime.
• Designed with a shock washer and O-rings to absorb the impact when the baton is opened.
• Locks into place when extended using a spring that pushes up against a steel pin.
• Collapses by simply pushing the button.

When you’re in law enforcement there’s no room for second guessing. That’s why more agencies choose the Monadnock® PR-24 Side Handle Police Batons, the most field tested batons ever made. Excellent in defensive techniques Get control of a subject without excessive use of force Lifetime repair or replacement guarantee Certified training programs for the PR-24 are available to the law enforcement community through the Monadnock Police Training Council