Monadnock SX 24/36 Riot Batons

Monadnock SX 24/36 Riot Batons

Monadnock SX 24/36 Riot Batons

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Product Details

The Monadnock SX expandable baton uses a pin and spring to create a positive mechanism that keeps the baton open and makes it easy to close. When extended, the baton is heavier in the front giving you increased knock down capability.

When opening the baton the Pin and Spring locking action provides the revolutionary mechanism for locking the solid reinforced epoxy shaft in place. To close the exposed pin is pushed down to allow the shaft to unlock and retract back into the fame

The SX baton comes in 2 sizes.

  • 2503- Expands to 24"
  • 2502- Expands to 36"


  • Foam
  • Knurled


  • Polycarbonate