Monadnock Training Bag

Monadnock Training Bag

Monadnock Training Bag

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For action-reaction response drills and power development for self-defense and baton training.

Universal Training Bag (UTB) Blue

Tactically used for baton physical-encounter training:

  • Simulated training scenarios
  • Punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, etc.
  • Action-reaction response drills, including unarmed self-defense training and baton training
  • Helps bridge the gap between static and dynamic movement in training
  • Easy to carry and store
Universal Training Bag 2 (UTB2) Green
  • Features a high-tech Force Deceleration Core to dissipate training blows from knees, elbows, fists or training-baton strikes with ease and comfort
  • Offers six hand positions to create multiple target positions around the human body, which develops target-acquisition and application skills for more realism in training
  • Easy to carry and store