Bushrag Ghillie Suit Ultra Light Jacket and Pants

Bushrag Ghillie Suit Ultra Light Jacket and Pants

Bushrag Ghillie Suit Ultra Light Jacket and Pants

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Product Details

US Army Field Tested
•Just as Effective as Burlap/Jute Ghillie Suits
•Bug Proof Mesh
•Insert Vegetation to Customize Pattern
•Fire, water, and mildew resistant.

Medium to Large range 32-42" Waist
XL-XXL Range 38-48" Chest

The UltraLight is constructed just llike Bushrags standard jacket and pants set except it has the synthetic thread which makes it very lightweight at only 3.5 pounds. You may find yourself looking down to see if you actually have your ghillie suit on! Running and jumping are not a problem which makes this ghillie suit an excellent choice for paintball and airsoft where fast mobility are a must.

Bushrags Ultra Light ghillie suits are more comfortable and just as effective as jute or burlap ghillie suits. In fact, the US Army field tested and found the Ultra-light ghillie suits equaled or surpassed burlap/jute ghillies in every category. This new ultra-light suit weights just 3.5 pounds and is an alternative to the burlap bushrag jacket and pants set.

The jacket and pants are built on a comfortable bug-proof mesh. The mesh is then covered with an outer shell of 3/4" netting. On the netting is the lightweight synthetic string. This design allows you to insert natural vegetation or any additional material to alter the camouflage pattern.

The pants are very adjustable with cord-locks, elastic-cuffed ankles, and draw-cords for the waist.

The jacket has a heavy-duty molded zipper, cord-locks, elastic-cuffed sleeves, and draw-cords for the hood and waist.

Use as a paintball, hunting or airsoft ghillie