ASP Black Steel 3 Pawl Rigid Handcuff (Green – European)

ASP Black Steel 3 Pawl Rigid Handcuff (Green – European)


The ASP BreakAway is a baton attachment that allows you to easily and safely break through car windows. The BreakAway is installed between the base of the baton handle and the existing endcap.

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The ASP Black Steel 3 Pawl Rigid Handcuff (Green – European) highlights a locking bridge in the middle of its ergonomic palm swell. Alignment disks ensures proper positioning. Raised for right-hand officers, lowered for left. The sunken finger track and contoured hand guard keeps a clear path to the cuff’s bow guides. As with all ASP Handcuffs, the Rigid design incorporates a one piece unitized stainless steel frame. Cuffs are overmolded with high strength polymer. They have dual keyways and a high visibility double lock indicator.

Product Specifications
* Material: Stainless Steel & Ordnance Grade Polymer

* Color: Black

* Finish: Polymer

* Style: Rigid

* Flat Contact Surface with fully Radiused Edges, Serial Numbered

* 3 Pawl Green – European

* One piece unitized frame Flex Frame Technology

* Rivetless exterior Stainless steel

* Restricts both Linear and Lateral Mobility

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Weight 0.80 lbs
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