ASP Airweight Talon Baton

ASP Airweight Talon Baton

ASP Airweight Talon Baton

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Product Details

The ASP Talon Airweight baton is a revolutionary new design from ASP that couples functionality with lightweight design. The Standard Talon baton is made of 4140 Steel; The Airweight Talon combines the light weight benefits of 7075 Grade Aluminum with 4140 Steel. The standard ASP batons open with the flick of your wrist and close by bringing the tip down on a hard surface to break the friction lock.

With the Airweight Talon you can discreetly expand the baton by pulling on the extended tip until it locks in place. You can also expand it with a quick snapping movement of your wrist for a more psychological advantage! This push button, Disc Loc design allows officers to easily expand the baton in tight spaces where a traditional friction loc baton may present a challenge.

To easily and discretely close the Talon you simply depress the button in the endcap and press the tip against any solid object such as your hand or belt. Closing the baton is easily accomplished with only one hand.

The revolutionary design of the Airweight Talon uses two opposing discs that cam into an internal groove that is machined right into each tube. The lock mechanism consists of only 9 parts. The function is simple, solid and secure. The premium materials and exceptional workmanship is what officers have come to expect from ASP. This baton has the quality, durability and performance seen throughout the entire line of ASP products.

Choose your Handle Closure Style

You can chose from Button or Cap closure. With the button style you press the button in the middle of the endcap to release the lock. With the Endcap style you press the entire cap in to close.


- 7075 T6 aluminum alloy tubing
- Foamed vinyl Grip
- Two internal tube stops
- Two pairs of opposing locking discs
- Ground steel release rod
- Two internal retention grooves

Cerakote Finish

The Talon Baton is protected by a Cerakote finish. It is an industrial grade ceramic coating that is hard, durable and resists corrosion and abrasion. It was developed for military and law enforcement firearms and presents a low profile and wears well against repeated use.

To apply the finish the surface is blasted with 100 grit aluminum oxide. Then the finish is mixed with a hardener and sprayed on at a thickness of .001". It is then cured in a 250 degree oven for two hours.

Closed Length
Open Length
40cm Airweight Talon (16") 7.06" 40cm 16" 9.6 oz
50cm Airweight Talon (20") 8.25" 50cm 20" 11.5 oz
60cm Airweight Talon (24") 9.63" 60cm 24" 13.4 oz