ASP Envoy Talon Baton Scabbard

ASP Envoy Talon Baton Scabbard

ASP Envoy Talon Baton Scabbard

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Product Details

The ASP Envoy Scabbard has a smooth profile and is designed exclusively to accommodate the unique functionality of the ASP Talon Batons. With the angled top and solid bottom design the Talon baton may be retracted with one hand by inserting it directly back into the scabbard.

To close the Talon baton you simply press the button on the base and apply pressure to the tip. The ASP Talon will work fine with other ASP holders but the Envoy Scabbard allows law enforcement personnel to close and holster the baton in one move.

The Envoy Scabbard will swivel to 7 distinct positions on the duty belt. It will not rotate beyond horizontal (180 degrees) and compromise the security of a baton. Scabbards that rotate 360 degrees and can cause the baton to become dislodged during an encounter.†A retracted Talon Baton is quickly presented, yet securely retained during dynamic encounters.

The Envoy scabbard can be easily and quickly attached and secured to a duty belt with ASPís new belt width adjuster. And the clip release belt loop allows officers to snap the scabbard on and off without taking off their belts.

A hex tool is used for adjusting and disassembly of the scabbard. The hex tool is also used to adjust the retaining bar for easier presentation or stronger retention.

There is also a drain hole in the bottom for humid environments.