ASP Federal Baton Scabbard

ASP Federal Baton Scabbard

ASP Federal Baton Scabbard

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The ASP Federal Scabbard is compact, low profile and is designed for those individuals who want a closed front Baton holder.

It will rotate to 12 distinct positions and will hold an expanded and retracted baton. The bottom of the carrier has a single plate that will hold a retracted baton. You may insert an expanded baton at an angle to bypass this plate to carry your baton expanded.

The ASP Federal holder allows for rapid presentation and securely retains the baton during active duty and intense confrontations. It has a retaining bar that can be adjusted for easier draw or stronger retention.

52238 16" Federal Scabbard Black Pattern
52438 21" Federal Scabbard Black Pattern
52638 26" Federal Scabbard Black Pattern