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The ASP Electroless Baton gives you complete and total corrosion protection in maritime environments. Well suited for wet and high humidity environments, the Electroless is stainless steel in appearance and provides increased surface hardness, lubrication and a matte finish.

Exclusive 4140 Steel

ASP uses 4140 Steel tubing in most of their batons. This type of of tubing is not available in the U.S. As a result, ASP has the steel produced in Germany. A special chemistry of steel is poured and then pierced into rounds. It is then transported to America where the raw stock is then drawn into tubing according to strict ASP specifications. This makes ASP the only source of 4140 tubing for Tactical Batons.

Tests by major law enforcement agencies found ASP Tactical Batons to be “virtually indestructible”

4140 Advantage

-Is 25% stronger than the more common 4130 tubing.
-Has 25% greater yield or bend strength
-Has 25% greater tensile or break strength
-Tubing remains straighter during processing
-The high carbon content allows for more preceise heat treatment

Exceptional Nickel Finish

There is no other commercially available metal finish that comes close to the corrosion protection offered by Electroless Nickel. It has the attractive appearance of stainless steel, and the matte finish gives you an additional psychological advantage at night. The nature of this finish also simplifies maintenance. Being the most maintenance free of all our batons you can maintain the finish on the baton through the use of a Scotch Brite pad.

3 Effective Grips to choose from:

Foam Grip for a more comfortable, cushioned hold. This grip is replaceable with our replacement grip kit.

Duratec Grip-These Grips are injection molded directly onto the handle of the baton. The comfortable cushioned grip is easily retained in the hand and has the feel of a custom knife or handgun grip. Internal rings lock the handle into position to prevent shifting.

The DuraTec has a clean, smooth appearance, improved grip durability, rubberized gun grip feel, and a soft textured surface.

Wavemaster Grip for increased retention in hot, wet and humid environments.The geometric arcs on the Wavemaster Grip provide raised ribs that secure the grip of the baton to the users hand. The geometrically opposed wave pattern ensures both linear and lateral retention during the most intense encounters.

The Wavemaster Grip has a soft feel and is tear resistant. The internal positioning rings make sure the grip does not become dislodged.
Closed Length
Open Length
52211 Foam Vinyl Grip 16″ FrictionLoc Electroless 6.20″ 15.63″ 13.3 oz
52411 Foam Vinyl Grip 21″ FrictionLoc Electroless 7.70″ 20″ 16.3 oz
52611 Foam Vinyl Grip 26″ FrictionLoc Electroless 9.5″ 25.6″ 20.0 oz
32211 Duratec Grip16″ FrictionLoc Electroless 6.20″ 15.63″ 13.3 oz
32411 Duratec Grip 21″ FrictionLoc Electroless 7.70″ 20″ 16.3 oz
32611 Duratec Grip 26″ FrictionLoc Electroless 9.5″ 25.6″ 20.0 oz
42211 Wavemaster Grip 16″ FrictionLoc Electroless 6.20″ 15.63″ 13.3 oz
42411 Wavemaster Grip 21″ FrictionLoc Electroless 7.70″ 20″ 16.3 oz
42611 Wavemaster Grip 26″ FrictionLoc Electroless 9.5″ 25.6″ 20.0 oz

Weight1.00 lbs
Choose Grip Style

Foam Grip, Duratec Grip, Wavemaster Grip

Choose Size

16", 21", 26"

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I guess if I were to have one thing to say, in the world of Amazon and many others, I’d send an email when it shipped and tracking ability… Honestly, I might have even missed it but if not.. Thank you, exactly what I needed and fast.

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  2. EL

    Greet product. Fast shipping

    Was this review helpful to you?
  3. JM

    Excellent product at an affordable price. ASP batons are some of the best around. Shipping was very adequate. Great selection as well.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  4. Richard

    The ASP Baton I ordered from Baton Defense is great, and the service was quick and smooth. Thanks

    Was this review helpful to you?
  5. Charles

    Very happy with the asp baton. 5 stars for how quick you processed my order and got it to me.

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  6. andrew vetters

    I am an airman currently serving as a security forces member abroad. As a result, many of the options law enforcement would have stateside are limited to us. OC is not an option, we’re supposed to be getting tasers soon, but until then we’re making due without and as for batons, well the ones in the armory are a bit of a mixed bag. Some function just fine others are, for lack of a better word, pretty crappy. Which led me to my decision to acquire my own ASP, which led me to this website. Shipping to APO addresses can be tricky and i was delighted to find a site willing to deliver at such a reasonable price I went with the 16 inch model and as of yet have not been disapointed. I was a little worried that the length would be to short for practical application, but coupled with the leverage cap i purchased at the same time, the length is more than adequate and quite manuverable. All in all i expect years of service out of this baton.

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  7. Lyle Vinson

    So I just received mine in the mail, after my order was processed it was delivered in a timely fashion, for ground anyway. I’ve never owned a baton, much less an ASP, and I am pleasantly surprised. These are great! A buddy of mine has a super cheesy one which I even thought was cool and that made me want one. So I did my research and these seem to be one of the top of the line baton’s if not the top. Happy with the purchase and would order again from BatonDefense. Oh, and I got the little black leverage cap, which is sweet, but makes it kind of bulky to carry for I ain’t going to use one of those ridiculous little holsters. But I’ll get used to it. Overall good experience with these folks.

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  8. charles grumbling

    Service was fast as well as delivery thats the way it should be,great product looking forward to my neext purchase .Great service THANKS!!!!

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  9. Jason

    I recently purchased the 26 inch expendable asp, I love the this thing feels in my hands. It almost feels like it was made for my hands. I like the weight it has and comfort of knowing that if I have to use in a self defense type of situation it will hold and do some damage. Baton defense had this product to me in a very quit period of time.

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  10. Allie

    This is a very, very nice baton. Very well made. It’s the perfect size for me while doing my early morning walking. The 16″ version has turned out to be the perfect length and weight to my liking. Expanding and collapsing actions are great with fabulously reassuring resistance to unintended collapse during use.

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  11. M. Melton

    The product is as I expected given ASP’s rep. There seemed to be a mild hiccup with the ordering process but it was remedied quickly after I sent an email questioning the delay and they upgraded my shipping so I recieved the baton when I originally thought I would. I’ll shop here again.

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  12. Keith

    I received both the baton and leverage cap and am very pleased with the purchase. The product quality is top-notch. I have compared ASP knock-offs and they simple do not compare. The few bucks one can save versus the sacrifice in quality is simply not worth it. If I ever need to use my new baton in a confrontation warranting force, I want to have the piece of mind knowing the weapon will not likely fail me. As for the leverage cap, not only does it dramatically improve retention, but the increase in force and velocity of a strike is noticeable. Not only would I give the product the highest rating possible, Miles Tactical was quick, efficient, and fairly priced.

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