Asp Concealment Scabbard for Agent/ Protector Batons

The Nylon ASP baton scabbard is one of the finest holders of this type available for an expandable baton. It is constructed of the finest quality ballistic nylon material that is woven to ASP specifications. The nylon scabbard is designed to meet U.S.

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The concealment Baton Scabbards from ASP are for the Concealable Protector and Agent Batons. These cases secure the baton without hindering rapid deployment.
• Rotates to 7 distinct positions
• Compatible with Agent 30 and Protector 12 batons
• Allows rapid presentation
Weight0.25 lbs

A30 / P12, Ballistic, A40 / P16, Ballistic, A50 / P21, Ballistic

9 reviews for Asp Concealment Scabbard for Agent/ Protector Batons

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    This particular scabbard holds Agent and Protector series batons securely on your belt; they fit in easily and stay put, with or without the pocket clip attached. It looks good and matches well with your other black ballistic nylon woven gear holders. It’s sturdy enough that, if you have an Agent model, you can put it in tip-down and press the butt-plate to collapse the baton into the scabbard one-handed. When fully closed, about 2/3 of the baton fits into the scabbard, leaving plenty of the handle open for quick access.

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  2. Steven Oshall

    Looks like a good holder to hide baton. Out of stock informed by company rep trying to help me reorder something similar.
    Anyone with brand and actual product numbers to find elsewhere greatly appreciated. Any other light weight carry defenders you recommend for slightly handicap arthritis people that have problem defending self? Asp p16 great

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  3. James Stacy

    Quality built should give years of service

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  4. Walt Graves

    Well made, versatile scabbard. Great price!

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  5. Paul Smith

    This is a well constructed scabbard. The only short coming is, it is difficult to deploy the baton with a Wavemaster grip when mounted horizontally on a belt.

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  6. Patricia

    The nylon scabbards were very suitable for our needs and are of high quality materials and workmanship.

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  7. Chris P


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  8. James Howell

    This scabbard (for the 26″ baton) isn’t doing well for me. My baton has the Santoprene grip and the textured rubber-like material does not go easily into the scabbard and is considerably more difficult to pull out; in fact, unless you hold the scabbard in one hand while pulling on the baton with the other, you cannot clear the scabbard. The scabbard is too short, making the baton top-heavy. It is designed to also be worn horizontally but getting anything but an extremely narrow belt (1/2″?)through the loop is not possible. It’s only claim to fame, as it were, is it is very well built. I would return it but I did some modifying, which helped some, but in general I would not recommend this scabbard.

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  9. Mike

    Nylon scabbard has very good quality, and it is a good idea to put vertical and horizontal together in one piece.

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