Black Chrome provides the most durable and corrosion resistant black baton finish available.

Airweight offers a 45% weight reduction with 98% of the striking potential of steel.

Electroless is the most corrosion resistant finish. It is well suited to high humidity environments.

Chrome delivers a high lustre finish for increased visibility under low light conditions.

Gold offers a jewelry quality 18K finish. It is ideal as a gift, award or for presentations.

• The ASP Airweight Baton incorporates 4140 steel and Aluminum for a lightweight, easy carry alternative to the full steel batons.

• The easy open and easy close functionality of the new Talon Expandable Baton demonstrates the innovative and functional products released by ASP.

• The Sentry Baton is made of 4130 steel and gives you the same ASP build quality at an affordable price point.