ASP Friction Loc Batons

ASP Friction Loc Batons

Reliable and Dependable, the ASP Friction Loc Tactical Batons open with the flick of your wrist and to close you must bring the point down on a hard surface to break the lock.

  • 4.93 out of 5

    ASP Airweight Expandable Baton

    ASP has paired 7075 Grade Aluminum tubing and the exclusive 4140 steel tubing to create the Airweight Expandable baton. The Airweight weighs about 45% less than the other ASP Friction Loc batons yet it loses only 2% of its striking potential.

  • 5.00 out of 5

    ASP Sentry Baton

    The Sentry Baton is designed by ASP and made of 4130 Japanese steel. It has a unique corrosion resistant black nickel finish and a carbon steel tip. The endcap and base retaining clip are made of Aluminum.

  • 4.98 out of 5

    ASP Black Chrome Expandable Baton

  • 5.00 out of 5

    ASP Electroless Expandable Baton

    The ASP Electroless Baton gives you complete and total corrosion protection in maritime environments. Well suited for wet and high humidity environments, the Electroless is stainless steel in appearance and provides increased surface hardness, lubrication and a matte finish.

  • 4.89 out of 5

    ASP Protector Compact Batons P12, P16, P21

    The Protector Batons are the most compact and concealable batons produced by ASP. The P series are all aluminum and steel and available in 12″, 16″ and 21″. They are Friction Loc style batons and open with the flick of your wrist and close by bringing the tip down on a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete.

  • 5.00 out of 5

    ASP Chrome Expandable Baton

    The ASP Friction Loc Baton with the Chrome finish is made from 4140 high carbon steel. The handle part of the baton is coated with zinc and covered with your choice of 3 grip styles. The Chrome is ahigh luster finish and will give increased visibility during reduced visibility encounters.

  • 4.67 out of 5

    ASP Baton Grip Caps

    The Grip Cap was originally designed for officers who work in humid environments. It aids with drawing the baton and keeping the baton secure when the officer is fatigued.

  • 0 out of 5

    ASP Breakaway Glass Breaking Caps

    The ASP BreakAway is a baton attachment that allows you to easily and safely break through car windows. The BreakAway is installed between the base of the baton handle and the existing endcap.

  • 5.00 out of 5

    ASP Leverage Caps

    The Leverage cap will help you retain the baton during dynamic confrontations. The unique design will also increase the striking potential as it allows you to grip the baton farther down on the handle.

  • 0 out of 5

    ASP Training Baton and Carrier

    The Baton and Carrier are designed to be used with the ASP Training Bag. This combination allows for the simulation of a dynamic street confrontation. A safe training environment will be maintained while full contact strikes are performed in a controlled setting.

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    ASP Wrist Strap Cap

    Simply to install by unscrewing the existing endcap and securing the wrist strap cap in its place. May also be installed over the Breakaway glass breaking cap.


The ASP Friction Loc Baton is the foundation of ASP and the product line it is most known for. The 4140 steel used in these Expandable Batons is stronger than the 4130 used by other manufacturers, and independant tests have proven their superior corrosion resistance. The incredible strength of ASP Tactical Batons is the result of exclusive materials and patented construction methods. Under laboratory conditions,the ASP Friction Loc Baton withstood over 9,000 pounds (4.5 tons) of stress and remained functional.

**Once expanded, the baton will remain securely locked in place until you release it by bringing the tip down on a hard surface.

• The ASP Airweight Baton incorporates 4140 steel and Aluminum for a lightweight, easy carry alternative to the full steel batons.

• The Sentry Baton is made of 4130 steel and gives you the same ASP build quality at an affordable price point.

Black Chrome provides the most durable and corrosion resistant black baton finish available.

Airweight offers a 45% weight reduction with 98% of the striking potential of steel.

Electroless is the most corrosion resistant finish. It is well suited to high humidity environments.

Chrome delivers a high lustre finish for increased visibility under low light conditions.

Gold offers a jewelry quality 18K finish. It is ideal as a gift, award or for presentations.