ASP Training Bag

ASP Training Bag

ASP Training Bag

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The ASP Training Bag can withstand the rigors of defensive baton and countermeasure instruction. The bags are designed to take full contact strikes from an ASP Baton in a controlled training environment.

This training bag from ASP is made of premium materials and is the original light bag for law enforcement defensive impact weapon instruction. Its introduction pioneered the use of dynamic simulations in police training.

The cover of the bag is made of Nylon that has been poured over scrim (scrim is a light textile that is made from cotton or flax). The inner material is of medium density open cell foam. It has a handle and a retaining strap on the back. The handle is of nylon tubing and is secured with leather patches. The fabric retaining strap is reinforced with nylon and secured with leather patches.


  Inches Centimeters
Height 30" 76.2 cm
Width 21" 53.3 cm
Thickness 5" 12.7 cm