ASP Training Baton and Carrier

ASP Training Baton and Carrier

ASP Training Baton and Carrier

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The ASP Training Baton allows you to safely train for baton certification and proficiency. The included carriers allow the officers to retain the baton during all phases of instruction.

The Baton and Carrier are designed to be used with the ASP Training Bag. This combination allows for the simulation of a dynamic street confrontation. A safe training enviornment will be maintained while full contact strikes are performed in a controlled setting.

The core of the training baton of a 3/8" diamater polymer rod. the impact insert is of closed cell foam with hollow core tubing. The cover is made of close weave canvas.

The baton has a neoprene disc retaining gromet and a retaining ring of 6061 T6 aluminum. The foamed vinyl grip is 1.25" in diameter with a closed end.


- The Carrier provides superior retention and rapid presentation of the baton
- Available in 21" and 26" lengths
- Wide and cushioned striking surface
- Foamed vinyl grip
- Hard rubber retention grommet
- Offset aluminum locking collar
- Flexible inner frame rod
- Protective tip disk
- Washable cover
- Replaceable foam core
- Cable tie cover retention
- Velcro® loop retention strip
- Variable width belt carrier