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Automatic Knife

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Automatic Knife Ordering Instructions

Automatic Knives are severely restricted items and the sale thereof is generally limited to Active Duty Law Enforcement, Military, Fire and Rescue personnel. This will vary from state to state so be sure to check your local regulations regarding the carry and transport of this tool. Some states also make allowances for handicapped individuals.

If you do order an Automatic Knife from Miles Tactical you will need to Email or Fax us your Active Duty Law Enforcement, Military, Fire or Rescue I.D. We will not be able to ship your order unless we first receive this documentation which we will keep on file at our location. You may use the Email or Fax below to send your I.D. or simply place your order and when you receive the order confirmation just reply to the email and attach your I.D.

Automatic Knives may only be shipped by private carrier. This is a problem for soldiers on tour in an overseas location as the preferred shipping method to those locations is Military mail via USPS. Military personnel are then forced to pay the high UPS International rates or have the item shipped to a location within the US.

Please Fax your ID to (866) 736-2926

Email your ID to us


ASP Baton and Accessories Restrictions

ASP Batons and Accessories cannot be exported out of the US. This is a regulation put in place by the manufacturer ASP.

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Simply awesome...ordered sat night/sun morning...recc confimation right my door on tuesday morning. Online service at its best.

Great equipment, shipped quickly, and reasonably priced. Nice job!

This is a very good place to do business with. The site had all the information that I needed and delivery was right on time. They also had the best price on the internet.

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