Break Free Powder Blast Cleaner 12oz. Aerosol Can

Break Free Powder Blast Cleaner 12oz. Aerosol Can

Break Free Powder Blast Cleaner 12oz. Aerosol Can

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Product Details

Product Description

The Break Free Powder Blast Cleaner 12 oz. Aerosol Can is a powerful, high pressure solvent gun cleaner that removes powder and other firing residues in the gun through its blast of solvent, citrus oil, and carbond dioxid. It is non-toxic and non-abbrassive. It works immediately, leacing metal parts of your firearm greaseless, oil free and with no any unpleasant odor.

Product Features

* Powder Blast gun cleaner is applicable to all shooters, but especially heavy volume shooters such as law enforcement officers, handgun shooters and clay, trap and skeet shooters. Because Powder Blast is quick and convenient, cleaning is done more often and more effectively.

* Contains citrus oil and high-pressure, fast acting environmentally safer gun cleaning solvents.

* Citrus oil is an effective oil and grease cutter used in hand cleaners and detergents. Only Powder Blast Gun Cleaner employs this active ingredient to break the bond of old oil, grease and gunpowder residue.

* Works immediately without disassembly and leaves gunmetal brilliantly clean and free of oil, grease, plastic streaking and gunpowder residues.

* Works faster, better, safer; environmentally friendlier. Pleasant citrus odor.