Finding the Perfect Tactical Dog collar

Finding the perfect Tactical Dog Collar

A Miles Tactical 1.5 wide cobra buckle dog collar and leash combo

So you have decided that your next dog collar will be will be a few steps above your previous choices. Whether your current dog collar has failed you or you are launching a preemptive strike against possible dog collar failure, you’re serious about your mission!

We aren’t going to discuss every angle in this short article but we will go over some sizing tips for you. Mainly focusing on the width that tactical dog collars are available in. We want you to make the right selection the first time without the hassle of returning for an exchange to a smaller size.

1.75" wide tactical dog collar with cobra buckle.
1.75″ wide tactical dog collar with cobra buckle.

Many sizing mistakes can be avoided by measuring your dogs neck instead of making a guess. Easily done by grabbing nearby cable or piece of string and measuring the smaller area of your dogs neck up behind the ears. If you measure the thicker area by the shoulders the collar may not adjust smaller and it will slip over your dogs head. Make sure to leave enough space so it is not too tight (two fingers between the collar and neck should suffice). After you have done this then just use a tape measure to measure the cable and get your dogs neck size.

You will find tactical dog collars available in different widths varying from 1″ up to 2″. At Miles Tactical we currently offer two widths. 1.5″ and 1.75″ wide. Future plans of a Miles Tactical definition of a 1″ collar will be coming soon. Going any wider than 1.75″ will just start to look odd and be uncomfortable for most dogs.

1.5″ wide Cobra dog Collar on a 30lb dog.

A 1.5″ wide collar will look good on most medium to large size dogs. For example; our mascot Leo looks very handsome wearing his 1.5″ wide Cobra buckle dog collar. He weights only 30lbs. A wider collar is also good if your dog is a puller and tends to choke himself when out walking. Moving up to a 1.75″ collar on Leo is not a good idea. We want to leave these wider collars for larger and heaver dogs such as German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Cane Corsos or any breed expected to reach or surpass 70lbs.

It becomes even more important to choose the correct hardware when you have one of these larger breeds. Dog collar failure is not something you want to experience at a busy intersection. A strong dog can snap weakly built dog collars made with cheap hardware and leave you standing with an empty leash.

I hope these quick tips help you decide on your dogs next collar. Be aware that a well made tactical dog collar will add an extra special touch to your dogs appearance attract compliments from passerby’s.

Make good choices!

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