Ultra-Light BDU Bow Hunting Ghillie Suit

Ultra-Light BDU Bow Hunting Ghillie Suit

Ultra-Light BDU Bow Hunting Ghillie Suit

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Product Details

The BDU Ultra-Light Bow Hunting Ghillie Jacket is built on a Heavy Duty Military Jacket known a BDU (Battle Dress Uniform). This Bow Hunting Suit is specially designed so the chest and forearm is left bare of Ghillie material. This way your bowstring will be free from interference.

You indicate whether you are right or left handed and we will custom build the suit accordingly. On a right handed person the left chest and forearm is left bare of Ghillie Jute. This is the opposite for a left handed hunter. The Bow Hunter Ghillie is made in the USA and takes about 2-3 days to build and ship out.

The BDU Bow Hunter Ghillie Jacket has a 3 layer construction design:

The Base layer is a Military BDU 4 pocket or 2 pocket Jacket which comes in 6 different pattern choices. These are made by Atlanco.

The 2nd layer is our 1" x 1"nylon netting. This is sewn directly to the Military BDU Jacket with Industrial strength sewing machines. By using netting on the outside of the BDU's, you can more easily add natural vegetation while out in the field to enhance your camouflage.

The 3rd layer is where our synthetic Ghillie jute comes in. It is hand tied directly to the netting and covers the entire back of the jacket, half the chest area in the front, one sleeve, and also attached hood. The open sleeve and chest area is so your bow string won't interfere with your bow shot.

The Hood is constructed by hand tying synthetic Jute thread to 1"x1" netting and then sewing this to the Jacket. This design helps you to stay cooler by allowing the wind to pass through. It also allows for better hearing.

The Jacket Pockets are closed off, but you have the option to make them accessible!

Pocket accessibility, (normally one side sewn closed). Woodland standard & 3-color Desert have 4 pockets on the coat. All others have 2 slant Velcro pockets.

Our Synthetic Jute thread is: Fire-retardant Water-repellant Rot Proof Mildew resistant Non-Allergenic Contains No UV-Brighteners

You can complete this Jacket by adding the BDU Ghillie Pants for a full coverage suit

Care Instructions: If the suit needs cleaning just hand wash and hang it out to dry. On the Jute suits you will need to reapply fire retardant after washing.