Magnetic Closure For Tactical Pouches and Holders

For many years now if you picked up a nylon or leather pouch for your tactical gear it probably used a Hook and Loop closure system. The system has been and will continue to be reliable. It is used in many applications and can be found to replace even buttons on clothing. There is another option that has presented itself and it has some advantages over the hook and loop.

The Overlooked Neodymium Magnet For Tactical Gear

Over the past decade or so the neodymium magnet has become more popular because of the amount of magnetic force it has compared to its size. Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet available. They are made from a combination of neodymium, iron, and boron, and they have a very high magnetic field strength. These magnets are used in a wide variety of applications, including loudspeakers, hard drives, and electric motors.

A neodymium magnet can lift many times its own weight. Because of this, Miles Tactical came up with the idea to use this magnet in one of their pouches instead of the Hook and Loop material. One of the main advantages of using a magnet for a tactical pouch is that sometimes under covert operations you cannot risk opening a hook and loop pouch with the accompying tearing sound of the material. Hook and Loop material is loud and mostly not suitable in a covert operation.

The Miles Tactical Baton Pouch

Miles Nylon Baton holder MOLLE Compatible

At this time we have a few tactical pouches available. Our first is the tactical nylon baton pouch is designed to fit up to 26″ expandable batons. This pouch is molle compatible. While it does not have the full MOLLE system, it does fit into the webbing on vests and securely retains the baton. We use Hook and Loop material for all attachment points and it has worked well for our customers.

The Miles Tactical Magnetic Pouch MOLLE Compatible

Our magnetic nyon multitool pouch uses neodymium magnets for the closure flap. This pouch is designed for smaller items like multitools, knives and flashlights. There is one magnet in the flap and 2 on the pouch. The flap actually uses hook and loop at the back of the pouch for the attachment points and is also MOLLE compatible. When you determine what item you will keep in the pouch you will need to adjust the flap in the back. It slides up and down and is held in place with hook and loop. The magnet in the flap at the front will grab onto either of two magnets on the pouch for opening and closing.

The two main advantage to this are quiet operation and that these magnets virtually never wear out. Neither of these 2 points apply to hook and loop material. It is noisy and over time it wears out. The powerful magnets provide a secure hold and take a decent amount of pull to open up the flap.

An added benefit is that other objects will want to stick to the magnets. This can be considered a benefit to some and an inconvenience to others. If the pouch brushes up against a car there will be an attraction:) But if you have a metalic object that you want to set down for a minute you can just stick it to the pouch!

If you are looking for your next pouch then check out the Miles Tactical Knife and Multitool pouch. It is a viable alternative to the standard hook and loop variety you will find out there. We make many of our products of heavy duty nylon material. If you have a K9 friend, our Tactical Collars use heavy duty military nylon webbing and stainless steel hardware. For you the owner, our Tactical Nylon Belt uses a specialy treated military webbing and proprietary no slip buckle.

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