ASP Grip Cap for Increased Retention, Anti-roll

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The ASP baton grip cap replaces the existing cap on your ASP friction loc baton in seconds. And with that you get more control of your baton, easier draw from your holder and extra psychological deterrent with the tapered but not too sharp point.
  • Will help keep your ASP baton secure in your hand
  • Will help draw your ASP from the scabbard
  • Flattened sides keep it from rolling on surface
The Baton Grip enhancement cap is made from aluminum and weighs a mere 1.5 oz. Adding this capap will help balance the baton more than the stock endcap.
This Endcap is not designed to break glass as it is entirely made of aluminum.


Weight: 1.5oz
Width: 1.375
Height: 1.125

For the ASP Friction Loc

This is designed and will work only with the full size friction loc batons from ASP.

It is NOT compatible with Talon baton and the compact Protector and Agent batons.

Precision Machined from Aluminum

The ASP Grip cap is precision machined from Aluminum and then covered with an hard black anodized coating to protect it from the elements.

Octagon Anti-roll Design

The octagon shaped sides will keep your ASP friction loc from rolling when placed on an incline.

Improves your grip

With the flared design you will have more confidence in drawing your baton from the holder. Your hand will not slip from the end in a critical situation

Weight0.15 lbs

11 reviews for ASP Grip Cap for Increased Retention, Anti-roll

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  1. Richard Creata (verified owner)

    Wonderful product ,superior quality and I recommend miles tactical to everyone.

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  2. Paul (verified owner)

    Good service and a quality product shipped quickly! Thanks!

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  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As advertised. Thanks

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  4. CJ Cummings

    Fits on end of ASP Baton like it was born that way. Tip is perfect for breaking glass. Will jab you if you port high. Has not caught on clothing. Love the extra width for butt of grip. Recommended.

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  5. James

    ASP should be making their units with this new aftermarket endcap, as it is superior in every way…..
    what my ASP came with would be more appropriate for a kitchen cabinet knob or as the endcap on a gentleman’s walking cane….

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  6. John

    Thank you for the cap. They are well made and provide a great gripping surface.

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  7. Hunter (verified owner)

    Here in Taiwan, a baton is one of the most important gears to control bad guys. I have used ASP batons as many other instructors of fighting techniques. I just got this wonderful grip cap. It’s precisely made, it fits ASP friction lock very well. The grip makes sure you can draw the baton fast and firmly. The tip is also super useful. I really appreciate the design of tip, the angle of the tip allows you carry your ASP baton whole day on the waist, the tip doesn’t tear your uniform/clothes. One thing you can use with this tip is its a painful tip, but not lethal at all. The anti-roll design helps when you put your baton on a desk. Its really a great small thing and inexpensive at all.

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  8. Fred (verified owner)

    The flats could be a bit longer to stop roll. First I tried my driveway with 1:1 pitch not much but it did stop in driveway this was a soft toss at knee level. Next I went to a friend’s garage stacked some tires and at the height average person thrown hard at mid drift,hit and knocked down the tire bounced hit the deck no roll. Nice piece. A car can run over it and the cap will still come off with ease. Thanks keep in touch

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  9. James (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the performance of the end cap. It does not get in the way of everyday duty and works very well as a deterrent during the arrest procedure by keeping the suspect from fighting back. Overall I am very pleased with your product.
    JD Collins
    SPD 215

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  10. Cameron Draper

    The grip cap is pretty well made, fits nicely over the glass breaker cap I have on my ASP Sentry baton and provides extra grip, making it easier to pull out of its holster. The pointed tip on the cap is also nice. My only complaint is that even with the cap it still rolls a bit, but overall I’m fairly happy with the grip cap.

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  11. Luke (verified owner)

    Overall this cap is lightweight but durable and does everything as advertised. The added width makes it easier to draw out of a holster and allows a wider surface to grip if it starts to slide out of your hand. The cap has a nice finish and is very lightweight. I wish the notches were a little larger so it would stop the baton from rolling even more, but they definitely help. I gave this product 4 stars because I personally like the look of a flush end cap better and I wish it was designed for breaking glass. However, I liked the product and still think it is worth the purchase!

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