Pelican Laptop Cases makes the best laptop cases on the market today. They come with the standard Pelican lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of waterproof, shockproof and dust proof protection

The 1490 Pelican Laptop Case is a good looking case that anyone can feel good carrying around. It will provides secure storage in the harshest of environments. The Pelican 1490CC1 laptop case comes with a lid organizer and a shock absorbing tray. The 1490CC2 laptop case comes with lid organizer and pick and pluck foam for the bottom.

The 1495 is a newer addition to the Pelican laptop case lineup. In addition to its double safety locking latches, it includes a 3 dial combination lock. The CC1 case comes with a lid organizer, shock absorbing tray and a computer sleeve. The 1495CC2 only has the lid organizer.