Woodsman Ultralight Jacket and Pants Ghillie Suit

The Woodsman Ghillie Suit is our best Jacket and Pants set that has exceptional built quality and useful features such as removeable mosquito netting for the hood and zippered pockets on the Jacket and the Pants to store paintballs or hunting gear!

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The Woodsman Ghillie Suit is our best Jacket and Pants set that has exceptional built quality and useful features such as removeable mosquito netting for the hood and zippered pockets on the Jacket and the Pants to store paintballs or hunting gear!

The removeable mosquito netting for the hood will help keep out those annoying insects.This is attached with a zipper and can be easily removed.

  • Insert local vegetation for the perfect pattern
  • Draw cords to adjust for the perfect size
  • Comfortable Bug Proof Fabric

There are many advantages to choosing a synthetic Ultra-Light suit.

The Woodsman Jacket and Pants is:

  • Mildew resistant
  • Water-proof Synthetic thread
  • Rot-proof
  • Mildew resistant
  • Fire-retardant
  • Washable
  • Odor-less & Non-allergenic
  • Weight (Medium = 5 lbs.


There are so many jacket and pants sets to choose from and more being continually introduced into the market. This suit has remained the ghillie set of choice because of the customizable construction and durability. This is a 2 piece ghillie suit and has a hood built onto the jacket. The suit has a 3 layer construction; Base layer, netting and ghillie thread. The base layer is a fine, comfortable bug proof mesh. On top of the mesh is sewn our tough 1″ by 1″ netting and on the netting we have tied the Ultra-Light Jute string. The second layer of netting allows for endless on-field customization due to changing seasons and application environments.

Cord Locks and Zipper

The cuffs on the jacket and pants each have cord-locks sewn in to keep the bugs out. The Jacket has a draw cord on the attached hood, and a draw cord at the waist. The Jacket has a zipper with a   flap that covers the zipper. Velcro is sewn in to secure the flap and cover the zipper.

Zippered Pocket

Both the Jacket and Pants have zippered pockets. Keep your hunting or paintball supplies secure!

Bug Netting

The hood now has removeable bug netting. Attaches with a zipper and is easily removed.

Belt Loops

The Pants have Elastic sewn into the waist for added comfort, and if you prefer to wear a belt, we have included Belt Loops!

Camo Patterns

There are 2 pattern choices of Woodland or Mossy. The woodland is quite dark with black, brown, dark green and tan colors. This is great for areas that are very green and dark. The mossy is light with brown, tan, and light green colors. The mossy is very well suited for desert environments. The pictures above depict the mossy pattern in the woods and in a desert type environment. The mossy can fit in a forest environment very well if the undergrowth is dry. Choose the pattern that is closest to where you will be using it and you can then customize the pattern to your local area. A tip from our snipers is to use camo paint for pattern changes.


Another nice feature of this suit is the 3 size options of Medium, Large and X-Large. You don’t want your ghillie suit set to be too baggy, and more sizing options help eliminate that. The sizing on this suit goes by waist size. Give yourself some room for extra clothing underneath. For example, f you wear size 32″ pants, you should choose the medium size. A 36″ waist should choose the large size.

Add a rifle wrap

The optional matching synthetic rifle wrap is a a 5″ x 6′ nylon netting with 1″x 1″ Squares. It is long enough to cover any firearm. You can buy it seperately for $19.95 or add it on as an option for only $15.

Each complete suit comes in two (2) different paterns, and three (3) sizes.

SIZES – Each size runs a little larger, and longer. There are cord locks on the sleeves and cuff of the pants keep them secure for shorter individuals.

SizeWaist size
Medium28″ – 36″
Large32″ – 40″
X-Large36″ – 50″
Weight6.00 lbs
Choose Pattern

Woodland, Mossy, Prarie Grass

Choose Size

Medium 28" – 36" Waist, Large 32" – 40" Waist, X-Large 36" – 50" Waist

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  1. Jeff V. (verified owner)

    Very nice ghillie for hunting.

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  2. Alex (verified owner)

    I am very impressed by this ghillie suit. I have personally made a few ghillie suits from scratch using the traditional methods (gluing netting to a flight suit/BDUs then hand tying jute to it) and really, this one is nicer than any of those. The hand made ones are nice, but always end up being very hot and heavy while costing ~$200+ for the materials as well as many hours of labor. This ghillie suit though, is many times lighter as well as cooler. It also has a lot of features that make use easier such as the belt loops and removable mosquito mask etc. This is leagues above the quality of any ready made ghillie suit i’ve ever seen. The other ones you get offline (amazon, ebay, airsoft sites) are all obviously cheap, paper thin material and the jute is very sparse and obviously just machine stitched on in a predictable pattern. This one though looks to be actually hand tied. I can’t conceivably think of a way that a machine could have tied the jute to the netting. So someone must’ve actually hand tied the whole thing. And the coverage is complete and not patchy. Overall it is just very high quality, looks great, and should be pleasant to wear. I’m in Arizona and the ‘Mossy’ color blends in perfectly. (‘Desert’ looks too tan, the desert is actually quite green, but not as dark as the ‘woodland’). If this one ever wears out, i’ll certainly buy another. And for whatever reason, it’s less expensive buying it from Miles Tactical than directly from Ghilliesuits.com.

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  3. Thomas LeMieux (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery. Two days!! I ordered a large(per Miles Tactical rep suggestion) to make sure there was enough room to layer close, since I will be hunting in northern Wisconsin and it gets pretty cold up here. I am 6’2″ 175 with 34 waist and the large fits exactly how I want it too. Medium would have been to small for layering. Can’t wait to use it, and will be ordering another in a different color.

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  4. Michael L. Milligan (verified owner)

    This suit is high quality and virtually makes you invisible. The coyote never see me. Furthermore, it was at my doorstep in just a couple of days! I do not know how they do it — but I am grateful. You will not be disappointed in this suit. It will serve for years!

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  5. Félix

    Just got it and its great !

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  6. Paul

    Product exceeded my expectations as did the ordering process. I had my order in 2 days as promised! You will not find better quality, prices or customer service anywhere!

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  7. Thibaud (verified owner)

    Exelent produces, more what acceptable delivery to Europe. Test field for more conclusive. A good purchase.

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  8. David

    I orderd this ghillie suit from you guys a few days ago, I just received it today. Just wanted to say thank you very much, I was hightly impressed with the quality of the suit, the speed of delivery as well as the service!You guys did a great job!

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  9. steinar (verified owner)

    Just got the suits.
    They are exactly what I was looking for.
    I will combine the two – and perfect for my assignment.

    Thank you very much, great service!

    Best regards

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  10. Nolan S. (verified owner)

    This is an awesome suit. It’s my first and I couldn’t ask for better! If I curl up, i look like a shrub! Lol!

    Overall, great suit, it works like a charm! I’m very pleased!

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  11. Max Mellinger

    I cancelled an order with a competitor after two weeks of no info from them. An hour later I ordered the same ghille suit from you folks. This was on 12/5/07. Your suit was on my carport before noon on 12/7/07! Two day ground UPS service. The cancelled suit also arrived after two weeks the same day. Told’em to come get it. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the suit. Works like a charm. Light, portable in the bag, fits great. The only improvement I can think of is to make the clear bag green. I carry the suit to my hunting place, which is in the middle if a thicket. It hangs up on brush if I wear it in. A green bag would hide better trhan a clear one.

    I’ve already recommended you folks to my buddies.

    Thanks again. Be glad to field test anything you have.

    Max Mellinger
    Mabelvale, AR

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  12. Not Given

    I used my suit shortly after recieving it. I was at my Uncle’s farm in the country. (I had just bathed in scnetless soap.) As I sat in the woodline in a dry creek a female doe came within 8 feet of me, couldn’t figure out what was wrong (it was my dad’s scent…he had walked with me to the spot.) The doe looked for me for several minutes then went on its way. (9 other deer were right behind her) Later that night a rabbit hopped within 3 feet of me and 3 other deer almost trampled me at 5 feet…

    Great job guys! I am very pleased!

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  13. Joseph Williams (verified owner)

    After receiving my suit, I jumped in it and headed for the backyard. My dogs ran and hid, growled, and barked up a storm. Until I stepped into a small section of talls weeds by my pond. The dogs stopped barking. They continued to look in my direction for several mimutes then went about their business. Two of the dogs checked the location and looked right at me. They contuned to play in the yard and considered me a part of the landscape. Well done Guys!

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