German Shepherd with Miles Tactical Dog Collar

What about Tactical Dog Collars with Hook and Loop style adjustment?

There are two types of heavy duty tactical dog collars you will come across a few different styles. The collars using the authentic cobra buckles from AustriAlpin have two main adjusting styles; Hook and Loop and Slide adjustment.

The hook and loop method is the simplest method and is used in the K9 community on agitation training collars. Hook and Loop material is sewn onto the inside of the webbing to secure the webbing after adjustment. This makes for a stiffer collar due to the extra layers of material. This is also what makes them great training collar.  This is usually a temporary collar and removed after training.

Miles Tactical Dog Collar with Cobra Buckle 1.5"The Tactical dog collar using a slide adjuster is more suitable as a permanent collar. The design makes it more pliable and if it is built with nylon webbing it will be comfortable for your dog to wear all day. Tactical dollars with handles are not recommended for full time use because the handles may get snagged.

Miles Tactical has both options available. The Khaki Tactical Cobra Collar with handle and Leash is the perfect collar for large aggressive dogs that need extra means of control. It can adjust up to a 23″ neck size.

Our other collars all use the slide adjustment method. These can be found with and without handle and are suitable for everyday use and for training. The all nylon construction makes it strong yet comfortable and you will find them sized from medium to X- large.


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