Custom Ultralight Tracker Ghillie Suit Kit

Custom Ultralight Tracker Ghillie Suit  Kit

Custom Ultralight Tracker Ghillie Suit Kit

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This is our Custom Ultra-Light Tracker Ghillie Suit Kit that comes with 4 bundles of our Synthetic string. This custom suit lets you choose the 4 colors from our available 8. It comes with everything you need to build the Tracker Poncho! The Tracker covers you from head to waist.

The Custom Ultra-Light Tracker Ghillie Kit includes the following

One 5' x 4' nylon netting with 1"x1" squares
4 bundles of Synthetic thread. You choose the colors (2 lbs. total)
Complete directions on how to assemble the kit into an Ultra-Light Tracker Poncho.

Offered in the same colors as we do our pre-made suits. When finished building this kit into the Tracker Poncho, the suit will have full sleeves for arms and an attached hood. The kits take about 5 hours to complete.

Synthetic Ultralight thread is the best way to build a lightweight Camouflage Ghillie suit because Synthetic thread is:

• Water-proof
• Rot-proof
• Mildew resistant
• Fire-retardant
• Washable
• Odor-less
• Non-Allergenic

The completed ghillie suit uses only 2 lbs. of the Synthetic colored thread!

The colors for each pattern are below:

Woodland:Brown, Black, Dark Green, Forest Green
Mossy:Brown, Gray, Tan, Dark Green
Desert:Tan, Tan, Tan, Brown
Leafy Green:Forest Green, Forest Green, Dark Green, Light Olive