Ultralight Ghillie Poncho

Ultralight Ghillie Poncho

Ultralight Ghillie Poncho

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Product Details

  • One Piece Ultralight Ghillie Poncho
  • Fits a person up to 6'6" tall
  • Sleeves for your arms and attached Hood

One size fits all

This is the Ultralight One Piece Camouflage Ghillie Poncho. It is a One-Size-Fits-All and will fit a person up to 6'6" tall and a 60" chest. It can be trimmed to fit your height. The ghillie poncho has sleeves for your arms, and an attached hood.

By using the netting as a backing, you can wear them over anything....even a t-shirt. In hotter climates, this can be crucial to the wearer, allowing the wind to pass right through! You can also add local vegetation to improve your camouflage.

Synthetic thread hand tied with over 3000 knots to a 5' x 9' knotted nylon net. Netting has 1"x1" squares, and has 500 Lbs. of tensile strength. The Syntheticthread has 10-12 Lbs of tensile strength per strand. 4-5 strands of Jute thread are attached to every knot. Actual weight for the Full Synthetic Poncho is only 2.25Lbs.

The Optional matching ultralight ghillie rifle wrap can be added to this ghillie suit for only $15. It is a 5" x 6' nylon netting with attached synthetic ultralight thread which makes it long enough to cover any firearm. You can buy this seperately for $19.95.

  • The Synthetic Ghillie Poncho suit comes in 5 different colors.
  • Ultra light at 2.25 pounds.
  • Fire-retardant.
  • Water repellant.
  • Mildew resisitant.
  • Rot proof.
  • Non allergenic