Ultralight Tracker Ghillie Poncho

Ultralight Tracker Ghillie Poncho

Ultralight Tracker Ghillie Poncho

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Product Details

  • Ultra-Light Synthetic Version
  • Only covers the upper torso
  • Allows you to move fast
  • Great for mobility

One size fits all

If you only need a partial coverage poncho, the tracker is a great option. It has full sleeves for your arms, a generous hood, and covers from head to waist in the front and back. Assembled on 100% Nylon netting.

The Ultralight Tracker Poncho works like a t-shirt and is easy to put on take off. It is designed as a fast mobility suit for sprinting to position and crouching down. You can choose to add a pair of the BDU Pants to compliment the Ghillie Poncho.

The Ultra-Light Synthetic version weighs under 1lb. and has a few advantages over the Traditional Jute because Synthetic thread is 

  • Fire-retardant 
  • Water-repellant 
  • Mildew resistant  
  • Non-Allergenic  
  • Contains No UV-Brighteners