What Size Expandable Baton Should I Get?

What Size Baton Should I Get

The question to what size expandable baton should I get is one that you will face once you do decide to get an ASP exandable baton. I am going to help you avoid buyers regret so you get right the first time. Before we go on it is important to note that you should do your research regarding the laws in your area regarding baton carry and ownership.

If you come up blank with a quick intenet search or still are not sure we have a suggestion. The easy way to find out is to call your local police department and ask them. These laws can change frequently or may be difficult to interperet, so find out form the experts.

The Best Expandable Baton Length

You have done your research and decided on an ASP Baton. They are an American company that stand behind their product so you are making a good choice. But what is a good length? There are usually three sizes to choose from; the 16″, 21″, or the 26″. ASP used to have a 31″ long extreme but that has long since been discontinued. It turns out that too long is not desirable for anybody.

The best length baton for most people will be the 21″. I have experienced many people exchanging their 16″ for the 21″ and it is the size that is most recommended. It also depends on your intention for the baton. You will also decide between a friction loc and a talon style push button Baton.

When Is A 16″ Baton A Good Choice

There are situations when the 16″ is desirable. Let’s say you want to keep the ASP baton in your car for emergency purposes only. This is when the 16″ really shines. But not just any 16″. You will want to get a push button variety that you can pull open and lock in place. It would be difficult to exert the force needed to open an lock a friction loc baton open inside a car. It is possible of course, but not practical.

ASP Friction Loc Batons open with the flick of your wrist and it takes a little practice to get it right. After a few practice swings you get the feel of it. It may not even open the first few times you try it but keep practicing. You want flick your wrist with a good amount of force so the ASP Baton opens and securely locks into place and does not close.

Best Place to Buy An ASP Baton

If you want to buy you can do so directly from the manufacturer ASP Inc. They offer sales direct to the public and you can take advantage of after sales service direct from them. If you need a spare part or repair work done you contact them and their turn around time is super fast.

What Baton Do Police Use

The most common size Baton used by police is the 26″. The size baton you use can be a personal preference. A taller person may find they do not need the extra reach as their arms are long enough already so they may opt for the 21″ Police departments would generally issue the friction loc baton to their officers but the Talon batons have become more popular. While the push button style is easier to use it does have more internal parts and that may need maintenance.

Remember that the length of the baton includes the handle and that quickly makes the 16″ shorter than you think. Lay a tape measure in front of you and subrace the handle size and you can get an idea of the actual size you have to work with.

List of Lengths Retracted and Expanded

Here we have listed the actual lengths of Friction Loc Batons and their retracted lengths. This will help answer your question regarding what size expandable baton should I get.

ASP BatonRetractedExpanded
16″ ASP FrictionLoc Black Chrome 6.20″ 15.63″ 
21″ ASP FrictionLoc Black Chrome 7.70″20″
26″ ASP FrictionLoc Black Chrome 9.5″25.6″
40cm 16″ ASP Talon Baton7.06″ 40cm 16″
50cm 21″ ASP Talon Baton8.25″50cm 20″
60cm 21″ ASP Talon Baton9.63″60cm 24″

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