Woodsman Ghillie Suit Ultralight Jacket and Pants

The Woodsman Ghillie Suit is our best Jacket and Pants set that has exceptional built quality and useful features such as removeable mosquito netting for the hood and zippered pockets on the Jacket and the Pants to store paintballs or hunting gear!

The removeable mosquito netting for the hood will help keep out those annoying insects.This is attached with a zipper and can be easily removed.

  • Insert local vegetation for the perfect pattern
  • Draw cords to adjust for the perfect size
  • Comfortable Bug Proof Fabric

There are many advantages to choosing a synthetic Ultra-Light suit.

The Woodsman Jacket and Pants is:

  • Mildew resistant
  • Water-proof Synthetic thread
  • Rot-proof
  • Mildew resistant
  • Fire-retardant
  • Washable
  • Odor-less & Non-allergenic
  • Weight (Medium = 5 lbs.


There are so many jacket and pants sets to choose from and more being continually introduced into the market. This suit has remained the ghillie set of choice because of the customizable construction and durability. This is a 2 piece ghillie suit and has a hood built onto the jacket. The suit has a 3 layer construction; Base layer, netting and ghillie thread. The base layer is a fine, comfortable bug proof mesh. On top of the mesh is sewn our tough 1″ by 1″ netting and on the netting we have tied the Ultra-Light Jute string. The second layer of netting allows for endless on-field customization due to changing seasons and application environments.

Cord Locks and Zipper

The cuffs on the jacket and pants each have cord-locks sewn in to keep the bugs out. The Jacket has a draw cord on the attached hood, and a draw cord at the waist. The Jacket has a zipper with a   flap that covers the zipper. Velcro is sewn in to secure the flap and cover the zipper.

Zippered Pocket

Both the Jacket and Pants have zippered pockets. Keep your hunting or paintball supplies secure!

Bug Netting

The hood now has removeable bug netting. Attaches with a zipper and is easily removed.

Belt Loops

The Pants have Elastic sewn into the waist for added comfort, and if you prefer to wear a belt, we have included Belt Loops!

Camo Patterns

There are 2 pattern choices of Woodland or Mossy. The woodland is quite dark with black, brown, dark green and tan colors. This is great for areas that are very green and dark. The mossy is light with brown, tan, and light green colors. The mossy is very well suited for desert environments. The pictures above depict the mossy pattern in the woods and in a desert type environment. The mossy can fit in a forest environment very well if the undergrowth is dry. Choose the pattern that is closest to where you will be using it and you can then customize the pattern to your local area. A tip from our snipers is to use camo paint for pattern changes.


Another nice feature of this suit is the 3 size options of Medium, Large and X-Large. You don’t want your ghillie suit set to be too baggy, and more sizing options help eliminate that. The sizing on this suit goes by waist size. Give yourself some room for extra clothing underneath. For example, f you wear size 32″ pants, you should choose the medium size. A 36″ waist should choose the large size.

Each complete suit comes in two (2) different paterns, and three (3) sizes.

SIZES – Each size runs a little larger, and longer. There are cord locks on the sleeves and cuff of the pants keep them secure for shorter individuals.

SizeWaist size
Medium28″ – 36″
Large32″ – 40″
X-Large36″ – 50″

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