ASP Sentry Baton

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The ASP Sentry baton is the moderately priced alternative to the 4140 steel batons. Built of 4130 steel the Sentry baton is designed to give security professionals a superior product at an economical price point.

ASP Sentry Baton

The ASP Sentry Baton comes with 3 sizes measured by the expanded length. You can choose from 16″, 21″ and 26″. Check the latest price and purchase at the link below.

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The Sentry Baton was designed by ASP and made of 4130 Japanese steel. It has a unique corrosion resistant black nickel finish and a carbon steel tip. The endcap and base retaining clip are made of Aluminum.

The carefully designed handle is of 60 durometer Santoprene and features the Strike Force Grip that will provide you with firm retention in the most adverse conditions.

It operates the same as the traditional ASP friction Loc batons. To expand the baton you must snap your wrist out sharply to lock the tubes in place. To retract you must bring the tip straight down on a hard surface such as asphalt of concrete.

The Sentry is the same size as the traditional Friction Locs and is compatible with all ASP accessories including ASP Grip Caps, Leverage Cap, Grip Cap and BreakAway glass breaking cap.

You can choose from Duty, Federal or SideBreak Scabbards.

Closed Length
Open Length
52200 16″ FrictionLoc 6.20″15.63″12 oz
52400 21″ FrictionLoc 7.70″20″16.3 oz
52600 26″ FrictionLoc9.5″25.6″20 oz

Additional Specifications:
Steel Alloy: 4130
Length Expanded: 16″, 21″, or 26″ lengths available
Diameter: 1″ (25.4 mm)
Locking System: Friction Loc
Type of Tubing: DOM
Finish: Black Chrome
Hardness: 40-45 RC
Tensile Strength: 201,000 PSI
Grip Material: Santoprene
Grip Undercoat: Zinc
Cap: Aluminum
Cap Finish: E-Coat
Washer: Polymer
Warranty: 1 Year

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