The Best Dog Collar Materials

Dog Collar from Miles Tactical

Miles Tactical makes a special dog collar that you won’t find anywhere else. This is really a heavy duty dog collar that will not let you down. This is because of the unusualy (maybe overkill) hardware that is used on this collar. We use the best dog collar materials that you can find.

Heavy Duty Webbing

The webbing is what brings the Miles Tactical Dog Collar together. All other components and hardware are added and the collar is sewn together to form what we believe is the best Dog Collar you can buy. We have sourced the strongest military webbing that will hold up to 7,000 lbs in the 1.75″ version! We also produced the 1.5″ version of this webbing to make a collar that fits a medium sized dog just right. A wide collar does not look right on a smaller dog and out 1.75″ collars are made for dogs over 60 lbs.

AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles

You can’t find a better buckle to put on these collars than the Cobra Buckle from AustriAlpin. Designed for critical use applications these buckles will last a lifetime. We use them on all our Tactical Dog Collars

Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel

The Triangle Rings and Slide Adjuster on our collars are made of strong Stainless Steel. We use a special coating process that chemically infuses the hardware with the dark color to match the buckle. The stainless steel keeps away the corrosion and is so much stronger than the zinc used in other cheaper collars.

So if you are looking for a dog collar because your dog broke the previous ones, you should not settle for a cheaper one just because it says it is “tactical”. Make sure you check the quality of the materials and if zinc is used in the hardware you should be very wary. Check out our cobra collars today!

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