ASP Ultra Handcuffs: The Most Advanced Handcuffs on the Market

ASP Ultra Cuffs and the Ultra Plus are the most advanced handcuffs on the market, featuring a number of innovative design features that make them faster, easier, and safer to use than traditional handcuffs.

The ASP Ultra Plus

Besides the Ultra there is the Ultra Plus. The addition of the double locks make these upgraded cuffs a real game changer.You already know the quality that the the ASP baton brings to the table and the same innovation has gone into the design of the ASP Ultra Cuffs.

The only difference between the two handcuffs is the addition of the double locks. They both share the benefits listed below.

ASP Ultra Handcuffs Cutaway

Benefits of the ASP Ultra Cuffs

  • Forged aluminum frame: The frame is made from forged aluminum, which is incredibly strong and lightweight. This makes the cuffs easier to carry and use, and also reduces the risk of injury to the person being restrained. Other cuffs sometimes have inferior stamped steel parts.
  • Conical, flat contact bow: The bow is designed to fit a wider range of wrists, and the flat contact area makes it easier to apply the cuffs quickly and accurately. The bow is also highly radiused to prevent injury. Get them in either steel or lightweight aluminum.
  • Dual-sided, single-turn keyways: The keyways are located on both sides of the cuff, so you can unlock them from either side. This makes it faster and easier to apply and remove the cuffs. They only turn in one direction on both single and double lock. The double lock can be locked and unlocked without releasing the cuff bows. this makes adjustment safer and easier
  • Replaceable lock sets: The lock sets are replaceable, so you can easily change them if they become damaged or worn. This also allows you to customize the cuffs to your specific needs.
  • Chain Ultra Cuffs feature a stainless steel chain with smooth, free-rotating swivels. This allows the cuffs to move freely, which helps to prevent them from becoming twisted or tangled.

The ASP Ultra Handcuffs are available in different configurations

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ASP Ultra Cuffs are the perfect choice for law enforcement officers, security professionals, and anyone else who needs a reliable and effective restraint system. They are built to last, and they offer a number of features that make them faster, easier, and safer to use than traditional handcuffs.


  • Forged aluminum frame as opposed to stamped
  • Fits a wider range of wrists.
  • Dual-sided, single-turn keyways
  • Replaceable lock sets
  • Stainless steel free-rotating swivels for tangle free cuffing!


ASP Ultra handcuffs are backed by a lifetime warranty. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return them for a full refund.

Order your ASP Ultra Cuffs today and experience the difference!

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