Ultralight Ghillie Rifle Camouflage Wrap

Do not buy camouflage for yourself and leave your gear exposed! This is the Miles ghillie rifle wrap that matches with our ultralight ghillie suits. Why be totally concealed but give your position away by your rifle, bow or other gear.

This is the best rifle ghillie you will find. The construction is on a 5″ x 6′ nylon netting with 1″x 1″ squares. On the squares we have tied our ghillie jute. This is not a simple piece of elastic with sewn on jute. The rifle wrap is long enough to cover any firearm and they come in all the same colors to match your synthetic Ghillie Suit.

The wrap is easily fastened onto your gear with zip ties

  • New Light weight rifle wrap matches the colors of our synthetic suits.
  • Water repellant
  • Fire-retardant
  • Rot proof
  • Mildew resistant
  • Non allergenic

Woodland Ghillie Rifle WrapWoodland is the darkest of the patterns with black, brown, greens and tan.

Mossy Ghillie Rifle WrapThe Mossy is the lighter than the woodland and more tan and lighter greens.

Built on strong netting.We make the gear wrap on strong .75″ netting . The ghillie string material is tied directly to the netting. Because of this design you can easily add extra vegetation to perfectly mimic your local terrain!

Secure using Zip Ties. After you have wrapped the gear wrap around your rifle you can secure it using zip ties. This makes it easy to remove the wrap by clipping the zip ties with a pair of pliers.

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