ASP Protector Baton

asp protector baton

The ASP Protector Batons are the most compact and concealable batons produced by ASP. The Protector series are all aluminum and steel and available in 12″”, 16″” and 21″”. They are Friction Loc style batons and open with the flick of your wrist and close by bringing the tip down on a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete

asp protector baton

The Protector is available in 3 sizes; 12″, 16″ and 21″

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Design of the Protector Baton

ASP designed these batons as an EDC (Every Day Cary) option for investigators and undercover operators. You get the 4140 striking power expected from an ASP impact weapon while experiencing the benefit of its easy carry design.

Each ASP Protector Baton is fabricated using ASP materials and manufacturing techniques. The precision machined grip is fine line , Crosstec knurled pattern with spiral micro grooves. The batons are finished using ASP coatings for exceptional corrosion protection. Each P Series Baton is produced to the same standard of quality that has been adopted by police professionals in over 80 countries around the world.

The three sizes of the Protector baton are the P12, P16 and P21 and they are designed similar to the ASP Airweight Baton. The handle and middle shaft are forged of 7075 T6 aluminum and the striking surface is of 4130 steel. This design helps reduce weight and still provide the striking power expected out of an ASP impact weapon.

The rings in the handle are for Snap Loc™ clips which can be adjusted to various positions along the handle for flexible carry options. The batons can be carried tip up or tip down. Whatever your activity may be, the P12 and P16 batons are easily carried and rapidly presented, a constant companion for control and defense.

ASP Protector Baton Specifications:

P12″”- Closed Length- 5″” Weight 5.3oz

P16″”- Closed Length- 6.25″” Weight- 6.5oz

P21″”- Closed Length-7.125 Weight- 8oz

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