The Best Heavy Duty Dog Collar

The Best Tactical Dog Collar

A Heavy Duty Dog Collar has a “tactical” look to it that differentiates it from the rest of the pack. Originally designed for military and police K9 dog as a extra heavy duty collar that was more dependable than a less expensive everyday collar.

Whether your current dog collar has failed you or you are certain it is going to happen soon, there are some things that you must be aware of as you compare the countless collars available online that present themselves as being “tactical”. The best dog collars have some key components we will discuss so you do not end up with regrets!

Lets Begin!

What is a Heavy Duty Dog Collar?

Heavy Duty Miles Tactical Collar

When the word “tactical” is applied to something it suggests that the item is extra tough, military related or has been designed to be stronger than the average product. Nowadays we have tactical pants, tactical backpacks and all other types of tactical gear. The best dog collars will be built with heavy duty and stronger materials than an average dog collar.

Integrated Handle

Heavy Duty Dog collars may have an integrated handle. Military and Police will use a Collar with Handle as it gives them extra control of their dog. When the training or operation is complete the dog collar with handle is removed and exchanged for an everyday collar.

Steel Hardware

Austrialpin Cobra Buckle

The webbing and the hardware are important considerations. The buckle, ring and webbing are the materials that will fail when you need to keep your dog in control. A sudden lunge by a strong dog can easily snap an inferior buckle that seemed to be made of solid steel. The d-ring you thought was made of steel is actually made of cheaper zinc materials and it may gives away and your dog is loose.

If you are purchasing a dog collar for safety concerns than you should look for a collar that uses trusted buckles from a company like Austrialpin. The D-rings or V-ring should be of solid steel and the webbing will be thicker nylon material.

Does my Dog need a Heavy Duty Dog Collar

There are some dogs that definitely should have a strong cobra dog collar. If your dog has an aggressive nature and has a tendency to lunge when when out on a walk, you should get the best tactical dog collar you can find. Situations like this can be costly if they end badly.

Give the Tactical Look

Miles Tactical Dog Collar with Cobra Buckle patch

Your dog does not have to need a tactical collar to wear one. Choosing the right one can look very good on your dog. The collars are usually wider than average and just look tougher with the military webbing and steel harware. Some of the best ones allow you to attach a name patch with hook and loop.

You can find tactical collars in varying widths from 1″ to 2″ wide. The 1.5″ wide collar is recommended for all dogs over 30 lbs. Moving up to a 1.75″ collar on dogs under 60lbs is not a good idea. We want to leave these wider collars for larger and heaver dogs such as German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Cane Corsos or any breed expected to reach and surpass 60lbs.

It becomes even more important to choose the correct hardware when you have one of these larger breeds. Dog collar failure is not something you want to experience at a busy intersection. A strong dog can snap weakly built dog collars made with cheap hardware and leave you standing with an empty leash.

How To Make Sure You Have the Best Heavy Duty Dog Collar

Miles Tactical Dog Collar with Cobra Buckle and Steel Hardware
Miles Tactical Dog Collar with Cobra Buckle and Steel Hardware
  • Choose the Austrialpin Cobra Buckle
  • Solid Steel Hardware
  • Military Nylon Webbing

Make sure you get a tactical dog collar that uses a tested buckle. These buckles will be used in critical use operations where failure is not an option. The buckles from Austrialpin are popular on real tactical dog collars. The Cobra buckle from Austrialpin has a load rating of 4,000 lbs and built in safety features so that it will not open unless both side release clips have been pressed.

Watch for Cheap Buckles

You can find dog collars classified as tactical in the $25 dollar range range using a quick release type buckle. These buckles are copies of the Original Cobra Buckle made by AustriAlpin in Austria and do not have the safety ratings to back them up and are known to break easily. Be cautious!

The authentic load rated buckle from Austrialpin will cost you around $25 just for the buckle and it seems like a great deal to buy this tactical dog collar you found for the price of buying just the Authentic Cobra buckle.

Get Solid Steel Hardware

Make sure the D-ring or V ring is made of solid steel. It is important not to have weak link in your tactical dog collar so solid steel hardware is absolutely critical!

Military Webbing

The Best Tactical Dog Collars will use Military Grade or Mil-Spec webbing. The webbing is woven to be much stronger than other nylon webbing will be rated at up to 8000 lbs. 


I hope these quick tips help you decide on your dogs next collar. The best tactical dog collar will add an extra special touch to your dogs appearance attract compliments from passerby’s.

Many sizing mistakes can be avoided by measuring your dogs neck instead of making a guess. Easily done by grabbing nearby cable or piece of string and measuring the smaller area of your dogs neck up behind the ears. If you measure the thicker area by the shoulders the collar may not adjust smaller and it will slip over your dogs head. Make sure to leave enough space so it is not too tight (two fingers between the collar and neck should suffice). After you have done this then just use a tape measure to measure the cable and get your dogs neck size.

Make good choices!

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