Bulls-Eye Hybrid Ghillie Suit

The Miles tactical Bulls-eye Hybrid is a full coverage Suit that will help conceal you from head to foot using a combination of Synthetic Leaves and Ghillie Thread!

Ghillie Threads are double stitched to the Suit so they will not come out easily. Our large double sided dynamic leaves give you an deep 3d profile. The leaves are 2 sided so whey they sway in the wind it gives you additional dynamic camouflage.

It includes a plastic zippered bag for easy transport and storage.


The Bulls-Eye suit has a 2 layer construction design. The first or base layer is a lightweight breathable No-See-Um fabric. Using a shell like this as a base makes the suit more comfortable to wear and feels smooth to the skin so you can wear a T-shirt underneath.

Breathable Inner No-See-Um fabric Shell.
Built on Hood with draw cord to cinch it up.
Quick Release Snaps.
Elastic Waist and Cuffs.

Inner Camouflage No-See-Um fabric Shell.
Elastic Waist with Adjustable Drawstring.
Elastic Ankles.


The hood is built onto the jacket. It has a drawstring to secure it under your chin and cinch it up.

Ultra-Light Synthetic Jute is: • Water-proof • Rot-proof • Mildew resistant • Fire-retardant • Washable • Odor-less • Non-Allergenic • NO UV Brighteners


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