What Is The Best Nylon Duty Belt

what is the best nylon duty belt

To answer this question of what is the best nylon duty belt is difficult as there are just too many variables. However, we are going to discuss one everyday tactical belt that is extremely popular and is made by a well known company that specializes in tactical gear.

There are 2 everyday nylon duty belts we will talk about. The first is the 5.11 Tactical TDU Belt and the second is the Miles Tactical nylon duty belt that offers a solution to the problems with the former while maintaining the simplicity of the design.

5.11 Tactical 1.5″ Nylon Duty Belt

5.11 Tactical Nylon Duty Belt

The nylon Duty Belt from 5.11 is simple in design and uses a cinch and friction lock to hold the belt in place. The belt is advertised as a quick and convenient tactical and/or patrol belt that excels in a wide range of environments. It can even double as a carry strap or a tie down.


The belt has 2 parts: The rigid single layer nylon and the plastic buckle. The webbing has a special weave and finish that makes it rigid enough for carry but not as rigid as heavier duty belts. You can wear this belt everyday for most any activity. The benefit of having a plastic buckle is that is is very travel friendly. You do not have to remove the belt to get through security.

The webbing should last the average user many years and then it is cheap enough to just buy another entire belt!

The plastic buckle is what causes some of the issues experienced by some wearers. The webbing has to be secured to the buckle by looping it through and stitching it together. This now makes 2 layers of webbing that end up with the buckle and webbing sticking out farther than one would like.

You also end up with 2 layers of webbing on top of each other and with the plastic buckle the belt may not stay tight all day, at least at first. You may find it impossible to keep tight and are constanly adjusting through the day. When you feed the tail end through the buckle to the perfect tightness, you must then hold it in that position as you attempt to feed it through the rest of the way to secure the fit. This is where it can easily slip a little and become loose.

This is an inexpensive belt and most will just put up with this and have a belt that can last many years. There is another option that costs a little more but does fix these issues while presenting a more refined look.

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Miles Tactical Nylon Duty Belt

The Best Nylon Duty Belt
Miles Tactical Belt

The best nylon duty belt is something that is hard to find among the hundreds of different nylon belts that have shown up online in the past few years. We have made a belt that fixes all the issues with the 5.11 belt and have upgraded the buckle beyond plastic to something that can be worn on and off the field. The rigid webbing and aluminum buckle make this even better as EDC and greaty improves the function while maintaining the simplicity of the design.


The Miles nylon duty belt has webbing that is designed for tactical use and is rigid enough for edc and every other adventure you want to take it on. the ends of the belt are dipped in a resin that make it more durable as this is the part you will be sliding through the buckle every day.

Best Tactical Nylon Duty Belt
Belt Slot

The buckle is where the real action happens. To secure the webbing to the belt a precisely engineered slot is machined into the buckle. The end of the belt webbing is melted to create a ridge and this is what keeps it attached to the buckle without adding to the bulge!

As you insert the end of the webbing into the first slot and tighten to your designed setting, the precisely angled slot will keep the webbing from slipping out as you slip the end through the final hole to complete the look.

This design also makes it very modular as you can easily remove the webbing and replace with another color or another webbing should that ever be necessary. The buckle can stay with you for life!

The next time the question of what is the best nylon duty belt be sure to try out the Miles Tactical. You will not be disappointed!

You can purchase the Miles Belt on Amazon or on the website

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